We were glad to see that after sustained pressure from civic activist Aracelia Cook of the 149th Street South Ozone Park Civic Association, continued coverage by the Queens Chronicle and a tour by state Sen. James Sanders Jr. that made the front page of one of our editions, the Department of Sanitation finally cleared up the garbage and all kinds of debris that’s been plaguing the Van Wyck Expressway service roads and nearby streets in Southeast Queens.

Foch Boulevard, 168th Road, 109th Avenue, 135th Avenue, the Conduit and more all got some TLC from the agency.

We hope it lasts, but of course experience tells us more slobs will hit the area and leave the construction debris, TVs and other junk we documented on the street. It’s incumbent upon area residents to keep calling 311 or filing complaints online in order to keep the DSNY coming back and cleaning up.

And we do of course agree 100 percent with agency spokesman Vincent Gragnani’s point that New Yorkers “have a legal and moral responsibility to put litter in its proper place.” With the DSNY picking up garbage every day across the city, “there’s no need to take it anywhere and create unsightly, unsafe streets for others.” Hear, hear.

But of course people do. We’ve also been busy reporting on troves of trash on a stretch of grass alongside Union Turnpike across from Forest Park in Kew Gardens. Nothing’s been done there yet. And the problem is a New York classic: bureaucracy. The city Department of Transportation says cleaning up is the job of the DSNY. Sanitation says it’s the Parks Department’s responsibility. And Parks points its fingers back at the DOT.

We’re inclined to tap our inner Casey Stengel and ask, “Can’t anybody here play this game?” This is one reason why you see so many neighborhoods stuck doing community cleanups, when we already pay people to do that. Find out whose job it is to remove the junk, do it and then hit the next spot. Catch up to the dumpers as much as possible. Queens would be so much nicer if it were cleaner.

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