This page has opposed both an AirTrain to LaGuardia Airport running along the Flushing Promenade and the overdevelopment of the waterfront area formerly known as Flushing West. So we sympathize with those who protested the separate, pending plans this week — at least with some of them.

For there are good protests and there are bad protests.

Those opposed to the AirTrain went to a meeting about it Tuesday and rallied outside the event space. Then they went in and politely spoke with people about their concerns over what the plan would do to their homes and the environment, concerns we share.

Those opposed to the Flushing development plan, on the other hand, made a ruckus at Community Board 7 on Monday, not helping their cause at all. Standing silently with signs at first, they began shouting as District Attorney Melinda Katz was addressing the board on a separate issue, her new job. In fact, they began their tirade as Katz was discussing the sudden deaths of two-month-old twins at a homeless shelter three days before. Real classy.

We hope a better solution can be found to get people to and from LaGuardia. And that Flushing’s infrastructure and environment will get a break from nonstop building, in just this one place. And we hope the debates over all of this can remain civil and decent.

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