How fitting that in this season of miracles, we can celebrate the arrival of one that knows no religious or cultural boundaries: the Covid-19 vaccine.

Make that vaccines. We so far have two miracle medicines inoculating people against the killer coronavirus, that once-in-a-century horror that has killed so many people we loved and destroyed so much of we had built. Our deepest thanks go to the scientists at Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna who created the lifesaving elixirs that are just now starting to get to people. The speed with which they created these miracle vaccines is unparalleled in medical history.

Now we just need for everyone to take them. There is, unfortunately, an ignorant, loud minority trying to denigrate the vaccines and make absurd assertions about them. It was false to claim 20 years ago that vaccines cause autism, and it’s false to claim today that they contain microchips enabling Bill Gates to keep track of you. Yet this is what some people actually are saying.

Most recognize these kinds of outlandish claims for the nonsense they are. In an ABC News/Ipsos poll released last week, 84 percent of Americans said they would take the vaccine, with 40 percent saying they would do so as soon as they could and 44 percent saying they would wait a while. That’s not too bad considering that only a couple months ago major media outlets and even some political figures were casting doubt on the idea that a safe, effective vaccine could be ready before the end of the year. Only 15 percent said they would not take the vaccine, but as more and more people do, and they show no signs of dropping dead, turning into zombies or following strange orders implanted by Gates directly into their minds, more people will come around.

As they must. We don’t expect the government to make the vaccine mandatory, at least not for everyone, but we would hope that just about everyone gets it in the end. That’s what must be done to beat the virus down and keep it down.

For some it should be mandatory, starting with healthcare workers. Whether a nurse in a long-term care facility or a doctor with a private office, every medical professional must be inoculated. Others who should be required to get the vaccine include police officers and firefighters. These are public employees who literally have to get in people’s faces on a moment’s notice, often in life or death situations, and we don’t want any further risk of death when that happens.

As for the general public, once the vaccines are more widely available, getting one should be required at least to fly on commercial aircraft. And immunizations must be mandatory for children. Just as measles, mumps and rubella shots are required for school, Covid shots should be.

We don’t know how long it will be before anyone can just go and get a vaccine, or how that will look — whether you’ll have to go to a doctor’s office, just stop by Walgreens or go to some mass inoculation event in a venue like an arena — but it can’t come soon enough for us. And maybe it will be earlier than the experts predict, just as the development and approval of the vaccines themselves were. Already we’ve seen unexpected good news like the fact that vials of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine labeled as containing five doses actually have enough for six or seven. That’s as much as a 40 percent increase in the number who can be vaccinated.

It also appears that just one shot is enough to offer strong protection against the virus, even without a booster weeks later, though it’s not definite yet. If that is the case, we could double the number of people inoculated in short order and speed up the time line for mass availability of the vaccine.

It’s that kind of news that could turn this season of miracles into the truly happy new year we all so desperately crave.

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stan chaz

Unfortunately the Queens Chronicle is wildly over optimistic in believing that most New Yorkers will embrace the Covid vaccine as a miracle. Not when you Google the recent headline that says “Over half of NYC firefighters would refuse COVID-19 vaccine”, Firefigthers? The people that often are the first tp respond to medical emergencies? What’s going on here? The vaccine may indeed be legally made mandatory by employers to protect their other employees, but to have the Chronicle insist that the vaccine be madatory for children is ahead of the science in this matter, since testing has not yet been done with children with regard to Covid vaccinations. Finally it would be enlightening to read this weekend’s New York Times article relating to a 1947 NYC outbreak of deadly smallpox , and how we as a City handled it with high marks (Google How New York City Vaccinated 6 Million People in Less Than a Month). And THAT was 73 years ago.

P.s. All you Trumpers out there (hellooo Staten Island) who proclaimed that the virus was a hoax, and then followed your bleach-boy leader like leeming over a cliff, as 325k (and counting) Americans died, should be forced to be at the very end of the Covid vaccination line. This, for all the damage and death and denial that you have fostered and enabled. Of course you’ll probably refuse the vaccine just to be consistent, orr consistently stupid. Well, less Republicans who deliberately do not take care of their health & well-being is not something that my bleeding liberal heart will necessarily cry over. You choose, you loose, you face the consequences. The problem is that your action or inaction also affects others. You say don’t vaccinate me & don’t thread on me. I say don’t spread on me, and be a responsible citizen instead. Because we’re all in this together, most especially in a pandemic. And the sooner we realize that fact, the sooner we will return to some kind of normal.

n the long run is something my bleeding loberal heart will not cry over,,

Over half of NYC firefighters would refuse COVID-19 vaccine ... › Health › story

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