Imagine you had the chance to ask questions of one of the scientists behind the new Perseverance rover we just landed on Mars to cruise around, study the soil, take photos, video and audio and, of course, gather samples that might yield info about whether life once existed there.

Thanks to the Queens Historical Society, you have that chance! On Saturday the QHS will feature a talk on You Tube with Vishnu Sridhar, a Rego Park native and graduate of Aviation High School in Long Island City who engineered the rover’s “eye,” called SuperCam. Before the event, you can submit questions to Sridhar, who’s at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, through the Historical Society. Just imagine — it’ll be like speaking with one of the guys on “The Big Bang Theory” but without the neuroses and slapstick. You want to “follow the science”? Check out a guy from Queens who made it so that a spaceship could send us photos from one of those tiny points of light you see in the sky at night when outside the city. He’ll show you the science.

One week later, QHS educator Jeran Halfpap will make the Jet Age in Queens come alive again in another talk. For this one, the society wants your stories — of life in and around planes and our airports in the 1960s and ’70s. More neat stuff. All you need to know to join in both events, which are free, is in our lead story in this week’s qboro section, “From JFK to Mars.”

Queens has a lot to be proud of, and these events help bring us together as we slowly emerge from the shadow of the virus. Take a flight of fancy and join in!

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