However the novel coronavirus sprang into being and whenever it first got out of Wuhan, China, has nothing to do with any Asian or Asian-American in the United States. If anything, that person may have fled the very Chinese regime that hid information about Covid-19 from the world.

So enough already with the escalating attacks on people of Asian descent. It’s disgusting. Undercover cops are now being sent to places like Flushing and Chinatown. We hope they have a big impact fast.

All the verbal assaults must end too, especially the Trumpian “China virus” and “Kung flu” calumnies but also the anti-Asian rhetoric over things like their work ethic and success in competitive school environments. Hate comes from all sides. After all, out of the 20 anti-Asian hate crimes in which the NYPD made arrests last year, two of those charged were white, seven were Hispanic and 11 were black, according to The New York Times’ Bret Stephens.

We’re proud to stand by the Asian community when it’s attacked, whether rhetorically or actually.

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