“Chancellor Carranza Celebrates Respect for All Week” the email’s subject line read. And we had to wonder if the head of the city’s public school system would be taking a lesson himself.

Respect for All Week involves schools celebrating kindness, rejecting bullying, making sure no kid eats alone and respecting religious, racial, gender and other kinds of diversity. But Chancellor Richard Carranza should show some respect to those for whom he’s shown such disrespect during his chaotic tenure.

He could start with the Asian-American community, which he offended when he said that “no single ethnic group owns admissions to these schools,” referring to the “elite eight” high schools kids get into by excelling on a single test. Too many of them are Asian for his taste. He could drop his attempts to keep them out of the schools they work so hard to attend.

He could do more than just offer a weak apology to the MS 158 parents he literally turned his back upon when they sought justice for their daughters who had been assaulted, one sexually. He could come back to Bayside and apologize to them personally, and their children.

He could drop his other misguided effort to impose some racial Nirvana on District 28 by forcing South Jamaica middle-school kids to go to school in Forest Hills and vice versa. He could stop trying to blame some nefarious school “segregation” on everyday people just because of where they choose to live.

Those are just three groups for whom Carranza should show more respect. And then, as we advocated three weeks ago, he could resign. With all due respect.

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