Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are two different things, but the former can bleed into the latter, and that sure appears to be what’s been going on recently in the city.

Anyone who pays close enough attention to the news knows that a crowd of pro-Palestinian men beat up a Jew from Long Island in Manhattan the other day, and that the first man charged in the case was wearing a T-shirt showing a silhouette of Israel, labeled “Palestine.” So much for the two-state solution, eh?

Meanwhile other attackers threw serious fireworks at pro-Israeli protesters, burning at least one woman.

What got a little less coverage was the fact that the defendant in the beating case proudly said he would do it again. When released by the authorities he was hoisted up on a friend’s shoulders and told he was a hero by his pals as one chanted “Free Palestine.”

That’s the same phrase spray-painted on an American flag hung by Vietnam veterans next to a small garden they maintain in Glendale. Naturally the perpetrator hates the United States as much as Israel. Police have taken that flag for their investigation, and it’s being replaced by a former Queens resident who read about the case in our exclusive report at

Nor has Queens been immune from the violence. Congregants from Yeshiva Kesser Torah were standing outside their Kew Gardens Hills synagogue last week when four men rolled up in a car and threw rocks at them, the driver also displaying a Taser in a menacing way. “F--k you, you Jews,” they said, threatening to kill them all and see their “blood run in the streets.”

Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal — a stand-up guy who was one of only two Queens votes against the insane bail reform law that immediately frees people like the Manhattan attacker — outlined that story for us and police detailed it. Rosenthal said the entire Jewish community is on edge in a way he’s never seen before. His comments were echoed by a woman from Fresh Meadows who called WABC Radio’s “Rita Cosby Show” Monday relating her anxiety when her husband and son just went on a quick run to the grocery store.

We support Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorism and implore everyone here to be on their guard while somehow also conveying a message of peace.

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