We’re not letting go of summer just yet, but face it, fall and the new school year are right around the corner. The good news? You’ve got the Queens Chronicle’s Back to School and Fall Guide special edition in your hands already!

One of our signature annual supplements, this special edition gives you the latest on the schools, not just the public system but also Catholic academies and institutions of higher learning. That’s the first half. The second half delves into the arts and entertainment options you have available here, along with what’s new on the small screen, or screens, and a day trip out of town.

The first story in the supplement gives an overview of the city’s plans for returning to school Sept. 13. Vaccinations? Now mandatory for all teachers and other staff — as well as students who play high-risk sports. Social distancing? It won’t always be easy in Queens, whose schools, overall, are the most overcrowded in the city. Closures? You bet those are addressed, with Mayor de Blasio saying there should be fewer than last year.

Next comes a piece on the Catholic schools, whose leaders tell us the students are rarin’ to go. And there are more of those students, a reversal we’re glad to see.

Other articles deal with the crisis in education facing Southeast Queens, where a Brown v. Board of Education-inspired lawsuit is planned against the city; how Covid delayed classroom construction; and our colleges. The school calendar we publish every year is there too.

Then comes our guide to fall events and activities. There is a lot more planned than there was at this time last year, that’s for sure. Live performances are promised at venues across the borough, from the Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City to the Black Spectrum Theatre on the Jamaica-St. Albans line. Expect a mix of indoors and out.

The performing arts are followed by the visual arts, as we delve into the exhibits you can find around the borough. Virtual programming at the library — much but not all of it geared toward the young’uns — is next. Then we go into the new TV season, including the old networks, cable and streaming. Lastly we include, as always, a suggested road trip outside Queens: this time a very short distance to Museum Row in Nassau County.

Be well and be safe this fall — and be well-informed with our Back to School and Fall Guide special edition.

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