Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won her western Queens district in large part because the incumbent congressman had become complacent, spending so much time at his suburban Washington home that he became known as “Virginia Joe Crowley.”

Is Ocasio-Cortez, criticized by her opponents as less a lawmaker than a reality TV star, making a similar mistake? State Sen. Jessica Ramos, who shares a fair amount ideologically with the congresswoman, though she’s not as far to the left, thinks so. Ramos went after her on Twitter this week after a man who says he is a medical student claimed that AOC’s office blew off a meeting with top healthcare activists. Ocasio-Cortez responded by saying that should not have happened and that she wanted more details, which is when Ramos pounced, tweeting, “Maybe if you spent more time in your office and with your team you’d know what goes on.” Stealing a line AOC herself had used against Crowley, she added, “Just saying it would be nice if you breathed our air.”

What followed was some of the usual Twitter-style debate, full of vitriol and logical fallacies, with the occasional insight thrown in. Ramos stood her ground, insisting, “Our district offices are on the same floor in the same building. She’s barely ever present in the community. It’s an indisputable fact.”

We don’t believe Ramos would lie about that. Maybe Ocasio-Cortez should do a little less performance art, like faking being handcuffed at a protest last week, and a little more constituent service. The people in her district deserve a full-time representative.