What is it with the City University of New York and anti-Semitism?

Its Law Student Government Association on Dec. 2 demanded that CUNY sever all ties and end all exchange programs with Israel, slamming the country with anti-Semitic lies and giving Jewish students more reason to worry about their safety on campuses where they’ve experienced hatred before.

They already have enough to fear — Jews remain by far the most frequent victims hate-crime attacks in the city, even given the sharp rise in incidents targeting Asian Americans. And this in the part of the world that has more Jewish people than any other, except Israel.

The LSGA launched all the usual lies and exaggerations, claiming that Israel is an apartheid state despite the rights Palestinians have there; that it is engaged in genocide, despite the number of Palestinians living there; and that it is guilty of war crimes, when it is Israel’s enemies that constantly fire weapons toward people’s homes.

The group promotes the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement, designed to cripple Israel by destroying its economy. It’s much like Germans boycotting Jewish businesses way back when — it’s evil and cannot be tolerated. We applaud the CUNY Alliance for Inclusion, a group of faculty members, for standing up to the hatred. Many more should do so, starting with CUNY’s top leaders.