Can the United States bear even two more weeks of President Trump? That’s a question to ask and answer today, following Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, and the democratic republic for which it stands, by mobs of rioters.

Never before in our history has a president pressed his supporters to march on the Capitol in order to thwart the process of presidential succession. Trump did just that Wednesday, clinging to the delusion that he would have won the election two months ago if not for widespread cheating. The result was violence that left one woman dead, members of Congress in lockdown and both the building and our sacred constitutional procedures damaged.

The 25th Amendment allows for a president to be stripped of his duties and powers when he is unable to discharge them, and for those duties and powers to be passed to the vice president. It was used twice on a voluntary, temporary basis when President George W. Bush underwent medical procedures requiring general anaesthesia. Never has it been used against a president against his will but it can be, if the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet (or some other body created by Congress) agree. On Wednesday the head of a major business group representing 14,000 companies publicly asked Vice President Mike Pence to “seriously consider” invoking the amendment and taking over. He will not be the last to do so, even at this late date.

The president’s belief that he won the election, despite the dismissal of all legal claims to that end, and his recklessly telling a crowd to go to the Capitol, despite perfunctory pleas against violence that were too little, too late, arguably demonstrate that he is unable to do his job. And though he only has it for two more weeks, a president can do tremendous damage in that time, as this one did Wednesday.

His mobs fought police, broke windows, invaded the House and Senate chambers as well as the offices of members of Congress and temporarily halted our democratic procedures. When Trump finally put out a video calling on them to stand down, he still stood by his claims about the election.

We may not be able to take 13 more days of this.

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stan chaz

These mobs were not mere Trump voters, voters who are basically decent people who might be sometimes be more loyal to Party than principles. No, these mobs were lemmings following Trump to the bitter end. Lemmings who have been incited & warped by five years of Trump’s lies, lemmings who have drunk his cool aid , lemmings who are following Trump off the cliff of self-destruction, both of themselves and our democracy. With an increasingly desperate & deranged narcissist in the White House, I pray for the safety of America & Americans for the next 13 days. On this day of shame & infamy, on this day of January 6th 2021, did you get what you wanted Mr. Trump? Are you proud of yourself for inciting your mobs of “special people that you love”? …mobs that rampaged through our nation’s Capitol building causing death & destruction, the very same Capitol building that was saved by brave passengers on United Flight 93, passengers who, unlike yourself, were true patriots. Oh, but you, with your conveniently retractable bone spurs,wouldn’t know anything about true patriotism and love of country, would you? Because all you love is yourself, and cheeseburgers. What a sorry excuse for a President you are. Good bye and good riddance Donald. May your big behind get a well-deserved whack as you exit, crying and whining, from the Oval Office, the same Oval Office that you’ve denigrated and despoiled for four long years. You leave behind the sorry & shameful legacy of being a liar, a loser, a cheat and a traitor to our most fundamental democratic ideals, a President who shamefully aspired to be a would-be tinhorn dictator, whose only real concern was his own self-interests. Our long national nightmare will soon be over. It’s time to dream new dreams & better dreams that rebuild an America we can all be proud of.


So very sad what this country has become. It is also sad that so many people believe the pundits and commentators on Fox rather then listening to the news - even on Fox. I had to hear what these supporters where hearing & I never heard the NEWS be 100% for Trump. The pundits and idiots on Fox spout lies and are as culpable as Trump at the lives that have been lost because of it. NEWS is not fake. Sean Hannity (and The View), etc are ENTERTAINMENT. There is a difference and that message seems to have gotten lost too.

Matt W

It was O.K to RIOT w/ Antifa and BLM all summer !

It was tolerated, so the LEFT ONLY has itself to blame ! typical that they try and throw it on others though. That what LIBS do ! Blame others after causing the problems !

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