Upholding a campaign promise, Mayor Adams on Tuesday signed an order designed to get city agencies to finally stop fining small businesses unnecessarily.

The “Small Business Forward” executive order requires key city agencies that issue summonses to determine which are most commonly given to small businesses and recommend reforms, such as by only giving out warnings for first-time violations, reducing fines or even eliminating a particular type of ticket altogether. If a summons is deemed necessary to keep as is, such as due to safety concerns, the agency will have to say why. And they’ll all have to go over their progress with the Small Business Services commissioner and a deputy mayor.

Adams is not the first mayor to say he’d cut fines levied against small businesses for petty stuff. But this is the most promising plan we’ve seen to actually do it. And the need is greater than ever as Covid-19 and society’s response to it continues to wreak havoc on the economy and small businesses in particular. Everyone still working from home is one fewer customer for an eatery, bodega, flower shop, or other business.

Adams’ mantra is “GSD” — get stuff done. Saving small business is big stuff, and we look forward to seeing it get done.

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