Tops in transgender activism and service 1

Ida Hammer, left, Cristina Herrera and Pauline Park all work to improve the lives of transgendered people.

Three Jackson Heights residents have been included in the recently released Trans 100, a first-time list of people across the country who have made positive contributions to the transgendered community through activism or other efforts.

The three are Ida Hammer, Cristina Herrera and Pauline Park.

The list is “an awe-inspiring collection of one hundred amazing people doing important work,” in the words of Trans 100 co-Director Jen Richards.

“Not the only hundred,” Richards said. “Not the hundred you agree with. But one hundred that reveal a cross section of trans people active in the United States right now, that indicate the breadth and depth of the work being done by and for the community.”

Hammer was selected for efforts including starting the Trans Women’s Anti-Violence Project to address oppression against transgendered women and working at the Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training in Manhattan.

Herrera was cited for 12 years of work in organizing and combating HIV, including serving as the Gender Identity Project’s community prevention coordinator at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in Manhattan.

Park was chosen for endeavors such as creating the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy transgender healthcare provider directory, serving as executive director of the Queens Pride House in Jackson Heights and pressing for a statewide transgender rights law.

The Trans 100 list is posted online at

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