• November 17, 2019
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Queens Chronicle

Small protest slams India over Kashmir

Activist warns of possible violence to avoid being ‘wiped off the map’

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  • stan chaz posted at 8:51 pm on Thu, Aug 22, 2019.

    stan chaz Posts: 33

    It’s sad to see India, the world’s largest democracy, sliding down the road of religious-fueled nationalism & hate under Prime Minister Modi. Instead if following in the non-violent footsteps of leaders like Ghandi, Modi is playing with fire by his actions against Muslims both in Kashmir and the rest of India, and his failure to protect them from mob attacks.Two nuclear armed powers, mainly Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan- what could go wrong? I fear that Modi and people like President Duterte of the Philippines, Putin, and the dictators of North Korea and Chins (viv-a-via Hong Kong and Taiwan) know that dictator-loving Trump will not stand up for American ideals in the world- so they do whatever they want, no matter how vile or cruel. [sad]

  • Cav posted at 5:27 pm on Thu, Aug 22, 2019.

    Cav Posts: 1

    What would be the point of protesting the policies of another country, India, with regards to Kashmir, a region of the Indian subcontinent here in Jackson Heights? What would the protesters like the people of Jackson Heights to do about it? This is an internal matter of another nation and not any business of ours.

    It would be more effective if the protesters were to return to Kashmir or India where their efforts could yield actual results.