CB 4 votes against Saultell Ave. rezone 1

Land use attorney Richard Lobel speaks to Community Board 4 Tuesday night about a proposed mixed-use building, a healthcare center with community facility space, for Saultell Avenue in Corona. The board voted against the project.

Community Board 4 voted against a rezoning at 110-40 Saultell Ave. in Corona Tuesday because of parking and congestion concerns.

The application, submitted by Tauchman Associates, LLC, was meant to change the zoning to allow for a six-story, mixed-use building that would be a healthcare center with a community facility space.

The board was unanimous in its vote against the project. One resident in the audience of Saultell Avenue spoke out against it, saying how there are three nursing homes and two hotels in a three-block radius.

“I beg you, please don’t allow this,” he said.

Lucy Schilero, chairwoman of CB 4’s Public Safety Committee, said the zoning is in place to keep the identity of a community.

“If we start allowing this, they’re gonna come full blast,” she said.

The building would have had a community facility in the cellar and on the ground floor, at roughly 9,000 square feet. The five upper stories would have been for residential use. The total floor area was estimated at 30,000 square feet with 25 dwelling units.

Half of the units would have been designated for residents living within CB 4’s area, according to attorney Richard Lobel, who represented the developers. The rent would have been $1,081 for one bedroom at 60 percent of the Area Median Income or $1,542 for 80 percent AMI.

Lobel was asked about space at the proposed building for seniors.

“While it’s not a part of our present plan, judging from the tone of the Council member conversation, it’s something that he would want included,” he said.

The developer will work with Councilman Francisco Moya (D-Corona) on the building location.

The board also voted against a conversion of Poyer Street from a two-way street to a one-way eastbound.

The conversion had been requested by the board last year. The area is mainly residential with PS 7 located at the corner of Poyer Street and Cornish Avenue.

“I live in the general area. It’s too tight,” said CB 4 member Matthew McElroy, who was in favor of the conversion.

But board members opposed the measure after learning residents of the block were not informed of the impending move.

Department of Transportation Deputy Borough Commissioner Jason Banrey explained that when the agency receives a one-way conversion request, it works through the board.

CB 4 will hold a public hearing in March so that area residents can testify about the proposed conversion.

One measure that CB 4 approved was reversing the direction of traffic on 83rd Street from 45th Avenue to Whitney Avenue and on Whitney Avenue between 83rd Street to Broadway.

The measure was for safety around an incoming school, The Renaissance Charter School 2, at 45-20 83 St. in Elmhurst. The four-story school will be for students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Included in the proposal is a 10-foot sidewalk on the east side of Whitney.

Keeping the site as is would have meant more congestion as well as traffic stopping as kids cross the street.

“A simple reversal of these two one-way streets would result in kids being able to be dropped immediately adjacent to the school,” Lobel said before the vote.


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