Bacon and patios sizzle in Sunnyside 1

Lots of Yelpers head to Sunnyside for bacon and patios.

Sunnysiders like bacon and patios and many times the two go hand in hand.

At the beginning of the month, the business review website, Yelp, released heat maps that show with varying shades of red how much certain words such as hipster, yuppie, cheap, cocktails and hangover appear in its critiques.

The darker the hue the more plugs the word received. Flushing rivals Santa Claus with its red dot for mentions of “noodles” and “kosher” makes frequent cameos in restaurant reviews in Rego Park and Kew Garden Hills.

In Sunnyside a red dot for “bacon” and “patios” straddles Queens Boulevard between 47th and 43rd avenues and from 40th to 43rd streets.

“Hangover” hovers in a very light pink haze in the same vicinity, because it can be assumed bacon and sunshine help to heal a booze-filled brain.

Posts on Yelp using “yuppie” begin to invade the neighborhood north of Queens Boulevard from 55th to 48th streets, but just barely stays in nearby Woodside.

“I think that the diversity in our restaurants is the most unique aspect of dining in Sunnyside — it’s possible to hop from one type of cuisine to another,” said Rachel Thieme, Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District executive director.

But for now let’s focus on sunny enclaves and North America’s breakfast staple.

The Meat Boutique, on the edge of the bacon dot at 43-15 Queens Blvd., and the Butcher Block, an Irish shop at 43-46 41st St., are two spots where shoppers can buy all their cured meat needs. (The Meat Botique is a double whammy in the Yelp word map with a killer patio and bacon to boot.)

Salt and Fat at 41-16 Queens Blvd. makes its love for bacon no secret. When patrons sit down they will be served with a bowl of bacon popcorn.

Joshua Daly moved from L.A., a place where bacon wrapped hot dogs are a food cart staple he said, to Queens about a year ago and to Sunnyside a few months ago

His favorite bacon spot close to home is Los Verdes, a Colombian restaurant at 46-26 Greenpoint Ave., which serves great chicharron, a thick cut of cured pork beloved in the south American country.

His favorite patio is at The Gaslight — “When living in a concrete jungle, an outdoor space can often be hard to find,” he said. “But, what’s great about Sunnyside is that we have a large number of restaurants and pubs that offer outdoor dining options.”

Another great spot is the Courtyard Ale House at 40-18 Queens Blvd. The bar doesn’t provide food, but has a grill on its outside patio that customers can use for free — just bring your own meat.

“It’s a unique and inexpensive way for people to have a party,” owner Pat Burke said. “We have parties stop by before they hop on the 7 train to Citi Field.”

Bar 43 on Queens Boulevard is one of only a handful of establishments in the neighborhood with a sidewalk cafe, unlike Astoria, which has about 55. Patrons can sip drinks and eat wings — owner Nick Murphy calls them the best wings in town — while watching Sunnyside life zoom by.

Molly Blooms also has a cute patio/ mini-beer garden that gives bacon a central roll on its breakfast menu.

New York Style Eats, Foxy’s Diner and Pete’s Grill love bacon too— as any good Irish pub should.

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