Art project probes on LIC hotel boom 1

Flux Factory, right, in Dutch Kills, is surrounded by high-rise hotels and the sites for future developments. A new project explores this.

Prepare for battle.

While residents who call the Dutch Kills section of Long Island City home are no strangers to the many hotel chains that have sprouted up in the area over the past decade, one art institution aims to see how the development has affected the area.

In October, Hotel Wars, a project of the nonprofit arts organization Flux Factory, will take place. Four teams of artists, game designers, urban studies experts and other like-minded explorers will set up camp at a nearby hotel and interact with its guests.

Over the week-long period, the teams will answer prompts questioning how the boom has impacted the neighborhood by engaging with hotel guests.

At the end of the week, their takes on the situation will be revealed. Their responses can combine video, live performance, print and installation.

“The project is about exploring both sides of it,” said Jason Eppink, one of the Hotel Wars curators. “We’re going to ask a lot of questions. We’re going to have artists who look at all angles.”

Eppink added that he’s often giving directions to tourists in the area and people have wondered where these foreigners come from and what draws them to stay in Queens.

“There are a lot of communities at play,” Eppink said. “We’re very curious at getting these people in the same room.”

Carina Kaufman, the project’s other curator, said the goal is to see it all as a playful response to the rapid expansion, which may have perturbed or displaced some longtime residents but has a lot of layers.

Kaufman and Eppink stressed it’s not meant to cast the entire situation as wholly positive or negative.

“We were just thinking we haven’t done anything with the hotels around us ... We’re also very curious, just who’s walking by the Flux Factory buildings every day.”

They were actually informed by nearby hotels — there are four in Flux Factory’s immediate vicinity — that October is the busiest season in the area and decided to hold the experiment then.

One of the project’s hotel partners is the nearby Holiday Inn.

People who apply to be part of the project will be informed of their acceptance on August 1.

For details, visit Flux Factory is already taking applications.

The due date for sending a proposal, to be emailed to, is July 10. The proposal should detail an experience the applicant has had in a hotel.

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