TrapHouse club shut down by SLA 1

A woman’s car was shot up last year, allegedly by a patron of the TrapHouse Gentlemen’s Club. The establishment’s liquor license was revoked by the State Liquor Authority at the body’s Nov. 8 meeting.

The liquor license for the TrapHouse Gentleman’s Club in Ozone Park, an establishment that has been the source of many complaints from neighboring residents, was revoked by the State Liquor Authority at the body’s Nov. 8 meeting.

“We’re at a stage where the chances have run out,” said SLA Chairman Vincent Bradley at the meeting. “[The owner] had multiple chances to clean up his act ... we now have people in jeopardy of getting hurt.”

The sustained charges against the club, located at 78-16 Atlantic Ave., include having unlicensed security guards, violation of unspecified local regulations, being a “focal point for police attention” and there being a “sustained pattern of noise/disorder” coming from the establishment.

Mark Weinstein, the attorney for the business, asked the SLA to levy a smaller penalty — such as a suspension of the liquor license, rather than it being revoked.

Bradley responded that a suspension, or any other form of punishment, might come with a hefty fine.

“I don’t think you want to write the check I’m going to ask you to write,” the SLA chairman said. “Every other charge that’s nonviolent in nature has been committed one time previously, and sometimes twice ... I have revoked people for way less than this.”

Weinstein thanked the SLA “for the opportunity” to speak.

The license revocation comes five months after residents living near the TrapHouse complained to Community Board 9 of public sex acts and urination, drinking and drug use emanating from the gentleman’s club.

One woman said her car was shot up by club-goers and some, though speaking willingly, feared they might face retribution for doing so. Police Officer Jose Severino, a community affairs cop with the 102nd Precinct, said at that CB 9 meeting five arrests had been made and 21 criminal summonses issued at the club in the past two years just by the NYPD — not counting any other actions that might have been taken by other agencies.

The advisory panel unanimously voted at that meeting to send a letter to the SLA asking for the site to be shut down.

Assemblywoman Mike Miller (D-Woodhaven) said he is happy to hear that request was finally granted.

“It took a while,” Miller said in a Monday interview with the Chronicle. “My office has been working on it for months ... Finally, the people of the surrounding areas will be able to get some peace and quiet.”


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