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PS 97Q Supports Beautiful Me & Students with Epilepsy

Posted: Friday, June 14, 2019 12:00 am


Four very dedicated staff members of PS 97Q, The Forest Park School, have become trained instructors for the Beautiful Me program, which honors the lives of three beautiful sisters ensuring healthy, happy and safe children through innovative self-esteem educational programming and the support of children in need. The school is sharing the program with grades 3, 4, and 5 girls this year.  

Ms. Romano, top left, Ms. Rodriguez, Mrs. Capbianco and Ms. Vasiu facilitated this program. The Beautiful Me program, which is sponsored by The Hance Family Foundation, held three one-hour sessions over a three-week period, as they worked with the girls building their self-esteem assuring them they were beautiful! 

To quote Ms. Vasiu, “During the first week’s session, it is a challenge for some of the girls to say they are beautiful. It is just amazing to see how their confidence grows throughout the program and how happy they are to know and say they are beautiful!”

The teachers stress the importance of empowering young girls to build their self-esteem and confidence because they are the ones who can and will make a difference in the future. The school received support and materials from The Hance Foundation. Each participant received a trinket box with a three heart necklace with each heart representing one of the three sisters: Emma, Alyson and Katie. 

Celebrating Dads and Supporting Epilepsy

PS 97Q also took the time to celebrate dads and male role models for an art activity supporting epilepsy.

Dads and even moms were invited to join Ms. Buynak, the art teacher. Thirty-two students registered and over 50 parents showed up! Ms. Buynak made photo holders out of plaster using ice cube trays! The parents loved the craft and will hopefully do it at home with their children.

Also, the students and some adults wore purple in support of the Epilepsy Foundation. Two students at PS 97Q live with epilepsy, Blaize Arroyo, top right, and Isiah Bermonty, below right, with his mom!  They are very appreciative of the support.   

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