"SOUP"-er Bowl

No matter what team you were cheering for in this year’s Super Bowl, all students are all winners at PS 97Q. The student council hosted its very own “SOUP”-er Bowl celebration and it was ‘SOUP” - erb! They all wore their favorite Jerseys and brought in cans of soup to donate to the local food pantry! They collected several boxes of soup which will be going to the local food pantry. The student council hosted this drive and are very excited about their success.

Valentines For Vets Drive

PS 97Q participated in Assemblyman Mike Miller’s 11th annual Valentines for Vets Drive having fun making pretty and inspirational cards for veterans. Mrs. Murphy and Class 4-409 shared some of their photos and Mrs. Abramowitz worked with her English of Another Language students, being creative and having fun learning. Students collected over 300 cards! They were happy to say thank you for their service with creative drawings and quotes. The students send a thank you to veterans for all they have done.

Clay Finger Puppets

Ms. Buynak, PS 97Q’s art teacher, is so thrilled to have received a grant for a five-session family engagement program with Puppetry in Practice and students’ families are overjoyed as well. This program will be offered to students and their parents in kindergarten through grade 5 and will be held over the next two months.

Ms. Buynak, with support from Ms. Dee Dee and Ms. D’Andrea, held a packed house art session for kindergarten and first grade families. Clay finger puppets was the theme.

If you would like to be featured on a School Spotlight page, call Lisa LiCausi, Education Coordinator, at (718) 205-8000, Ext. 110. Online go to qchron.com/schoolnews.

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