2nd Annual Career Day

In celebration of the second Annual Career Day ay PS 97Q, The Forest Park School, Mrs. Capobianco, one of the fourth-grade teachers, and Mrs. Cross, one of the ESL teachers, were chairpersons for the event. They were honored to have such a variety of careers represented to share their passion for their career choice with our students.

Among the visitors were state Sen. Joe Addabbo, top right, who visited with grade 4 students and may have inspired some of them to go into politics. Also coming in was fan favorite firefighter Lois Mungay (right) top left, along with Firefighter Steve Adorno, as well as an alumna, Ziyad Antabi, who returned to share his passion for the FDNY! Celeste Murphy is a respiratory therapist at Jamaica Hospital and she hopes to have motivated some students to go into the medical field. James Quinn shared his passion for the arts. Nichole Nicolosi shared her passion for cosmetology. Nadine Ahmed is a mental health consultant. Anthony Cross, left, with Criss Cross Entertainment, shared with students just how exciting the entertainment field can be, Christine Romano works in advertising and the students were anxious to learn just how much fun it is to be in advertising. Students were also interested in Mark Williams, right center, a basketball coach and owner of Team Footprintz. Previously, Mark was involved in education.

All the Career Day speakers, below left,  posed for a picture. While, students in Mrs. Mullins class, 4-407, below right, shared with what their career choices are at the moment! The teachers and staff at PS97Q hopes they still feel this way in years to come!  

3rd Annual Talent Show

Many students at PS 97Q shared their talent with the school community at the third annual Talent Show, which was directed by Ms. Caceres, one of the third-grade teachers. During the show, Jayleen and Jaslene Ortiz were excellent co-masters of ceremonies.

The very talented students blew the audience away with their amazing instrumental talents on both guitar and piano. Vocalists entertained the crowd with songs such as “Girl on Fire,” “Sound of Music” and “This is Me.” The audience also enjoyed sounds of the islands which were shared by Alexandra Chavez, top right! The gymnasts performed some amazing moves which had members of the audience holding their breath! 

If you would like to be featured on a School Spotlight page, call Lisa LiCausi, Education Coordinator, at (718) 205-8000, Ext. 110. Online go to qchron.com/schoolnews.

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