PS 97Q, The Forest Park School, recently held a  Fall Scholastic “Snow May Books” fair with great success. Clifford “The Big Red Dog” stopped by to visit with the children and showed his support to reading! Many students purchased books to build on their home libraries.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Each year in October members of the PS 97Q school community wear pink and donate $1 in support of Breast Cancer Awareness! This year, PS 97Q is thrilled to share that a donation to Making Strides on behalf of the school community was made in the amount of $186.00.  This donation was made in memory of a dear friend and colleague, Bonnie Bua, who lost her battle to breast cancer many years ago. The  parents participated in a Breast Cancer Awareness workshop with Empire Health Plus, reinforcing that early prevention is the best protection. 

Fire Safety

PS 97Q also celebrated Fire Safety Month with the help from the FDNY. Students participated in classroom assemblies as Mrs. Stalzer’s third-grade class, above, shows, while the third- and fourth-grade students experienced a crawl through the smoke house.  This allowed them to learn what to do in case there was ever a fire in their home.

Parents also attended a Fire Safety workshop where they learned how to maintain fire safety in their home.  One example was how to put out a grease fire.  The school raffled off a smoke detector, which was donated by the FDNY, and a fire extinguisher, which was purchased with Title I Parent Involvement funding. All in attendance received literature on fire safety and an FDNY oven mitt.

The PS 97Q staff and teachers appreciate all New York’s Bravest do for the students and parents. 

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