Ozone Park devotees at heart and in groove 1

Jazz fusion quartet Ozone Park named their group after the neighborhood since they were so inspired by it during a fateful musical seminar.

This week the Community Board 10 meeting covered some unfamiliar territory: the connection between a Mediterrannean jazz fusion group and Ozone Park.

CB 10 Chairwoman Betty Braton sounded delighted as she took her board members down a whacky rabbit hole by reading a letter by Giuseppe Chironi, the piano and synth player for an Italian progressive jazz group named Ozone Park, who had written to the board expressing his appreciation for the neighborhood.

Back in 2015 Chironi and three other musicians from Sardinia, a Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy, found themselves in New York for a jazz seminar. After a few days of grueling musical studies, the group decided that they were so inspired by the beauty of the city that they needed to visit a recording studio to put their feelings to song. They found one in Ozone Park.

“In that wonderful experience the first musical songs were born which then led, on our return to Italy, to the birth of our musical group to which we gave the name Ozone Park,” wrote Chironi.

Chironi had not stopped thinking fondly of Ozone Park ever since his group’s first album, “Fusion Rebirth,” gained a successful following in Europe and Japan, where the jazz fusion genre has maintained a devoted fan base since the late 1970s. The disc shows the group flexing their collaborative chops, ranging in style from rhythmic funk to bossa nova.

He added that the group had recently released a second album called “Planetarium,” which paints an imaginary journey into space. In return for the inspiration that he and his fellow players found in the neighborhood, Chironi wanted to pay back the favor by sending over two original copies of the latest album as a tribute.

Regretfully, Braton had to decline.

“Although we appreciate it, we cannot accept the gift because we’re a city agency, but if anybody is interested in checking this group out, they are on Spotify,” said Braton.


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