A flurry of coverage broke out this week after defense attorney Elkan Abromowitz, who served as outside counsel for former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration, told the press that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is dropping its investigation of Cuomo over Covid-19-related nursing home deaths.

But according to Assemblymember Ron Kim (D-Flushing), who has led the charge against Cuomo on the issue, this isn’t news worth talking about.

“It’s quite misleading, because the Manhattan DA is not the lead investigator into the nursing home legal problems. It’s the U.S. Attorney and the FBI and the Department of Justice that have taken the major lead in the nursing home issues,” he told the Chronicle. “Those investigations are still very much open and pending.”

Not only does Kim fear that coverage of the Manhattan case will cause the public to lose sight of what’s important, he suggested that going to the press with the information was calculated.

“There’s a number of things the Manhattan DA has not broached,” he said, later pointing to Cuomo’s book deal as an example. “This is a legal tactic by the Cuomo defense team to give the impression to the public that they’ve been absolved of any wrongdoing.”

Kim, a longtime critic of the former govorner, was crucial in the push to open a federal investigation against Cuomo in February 2021. He made headlines after telling the press that, in response to his efforts, Cuomo threatened to “destroy” his reputation.

Since the U.S. Attorney’s Office opened its case, Kim said, he has continued to cooperate with federal authorities.

“Before I heard the news, I didn’t even realize there was a Manhattan DA who was looking into the nursing home issues,” Kim said, adding, “They never reached out to me for any kind of interview — unlike the federal government, who I’ve been interviewed by many times.”

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