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No one’s calling the cops on these parties

Posted: Thursday, August 8, 2019 10:30 am

Police precincts across the city held their National Night Out Against Crime celebrations with residents Tuesday. In South Queens, the 102nd Precinct hosted its party at Victory Field in Forest Park, while the 106th Precinct held its event at Addabbo Playground in Tudor Park. Both drew crowds that had a great time, tightening the bonds between the police and those they serve.

At top left, Deputy Inspector Courtney Nilan, commanding officer of the 102nd Precinct, salutes a member of John Adams High School’s Air Force ROTC. Nilan was presented with an American flag by ROTC for her role in protecting the community. At top center, members of the John Adams ROTC folded the American flag during a brief ceremony. At top right, Chloe, 1 1/2, and Levy, 3 1/2, get in a police vehicle under the supervision of Officer Esposito.

In the second row at left are Community Board 9 members Faiuze Ali and Sherry Algredo, and next to them Chef Sunil, of Heat Kitchen on Atlantic Avenue, grilling up burgers. To protect and spin: Police Officer DJ Rohit Singh, next to Sunil, played music for the crowd.

In the third row at left, Nilan speaks, joined by members of the 102nd Precinct Community Council. Next to them, several community members were honored for supporting the 102nd Precinct, especially when its members were grieving the loss of Det. Brian Simonsen in February. Simonsen, a longtime 102nd Precinct officer, was shot and killed by friendly fire while responding to an Atlantic Avenue robbery.

On the right side of the page, below the kids in the police vehicle, Neighborhood Coordination Officers of the 106th Precinct stand, while next to them Resorts World Casino representatives Courtney Hayward, left, Rulyan Day and Dax Maier display the free shirts and hats provided by the South Ozone Park venue.

In the next row, Felicia Singh, vice president of the Our Neighbors Civic Association, discusses community matters with residents, while next to them, Det. Brenda Reddick “deputizes” residents Angelo Dinicolantonio, left, and Shamar McCalla.

In the next row, Deputy Inspector Brian Bohannon, commanding officer of the 106th Precinct, looks ready to shoot some hoops, while Mister Softee was all smiles before the ice cream rush started and U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agent Amanda Tripple shows how Denny (a beagle, basset and pitbull mix) sniffs for seeds, fruits and vegetables at Kennedy International Airport.

At right, Community Board 10 Chairwoman and 106th Precinct Community Council member Betty Braton hand out bags filled with free swag to residents, longtime West Hamilton Beach Volunteer Fire Department leader Jonah Cohen, left, converses with 106th NCO John Maderik and it’s “Geronimo!” for a girl on the inflatable slide.