Three bus routes in South Ozone Park are on new paths.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority made minor changes to the routes of the Q10, Q37 and QM18 near the terminus for all three lines south of the Belt Parkway.

On the Q10 and Q37, southbound buses will now turn left onto South Conduit Avenue from 130th Street, then travel east to 134th Street before heading south and the west on 150th Avenue to their southernmost terminal at 132nd Street and 150th Avenue.

Previously, the buses made a left from 130th Street onto at 150th Avenue, then looped around the block; north on 132nd Street, then east on South Conduit Avenue, before south again on 134th Street to the last stop. Both the Q10 and Q37 buses connect South Ozone Park to the Union Turnpike-Kew Gardens subway station.

The two routes were moved to avoid congestion at a Sanitation yard on 150th Avenue and to prevent buses from making a turn onto South Conduit Avenue from 132nd Street, where there is no traffic light and vehicles often pass at high speeds, often causing severe delays, especially at rush hour. Also, 132nd Street is a narrow residential block.

The new route allows all three bus lines to avoid it. For the QM18 express bus, the last southbound stop will be at South Conduit Avenue and 130th Street, rather than one block south at 150th Avenue and 130th Street.

That will allow QM18 buses to unload passengers after making a left onto South Conduit Avenue, rather than continuing another block down 130th Street.

Prior to the change, the last southbound stop was directly across the street from the first northbound (Manhattan-bound) stop. Passengers will still be able to board northbound buses at 150th Avenue and 130th Street.

The change was done so that the QM18 could share the bus stop on South Conduit Avenue with the Q10 and Q37, as they had previously done on 150th Avenue.

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