Senior Wins Harvard club Book Award

TMLA Senior Rebecca Tejiran has been given the Harvard Prize Book award. This award is presented annually in more than 2,000 high schools around the world to outstanding students who demonstrate excellence in scholarship, high character combined with achievement in other nonacademic areas.

Rebecca’s award was sponsored by TMLA and Harvard alumna Faustina Martinez Rowan, Esq. ’51. The goal of the program is to introduce talented young people to the opportunities available at Harvard and to recognize their scholastic and personal achievements.

The annual breakfast to celebrate the recipients of the award was held on October 2 at the Harvard Club of Boston. Speakers and undergraduate students welcomed the Prize Book winners to Harvard.

Studio art draws real-life inspiration

Students from AP studio art class at The Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica Estates, headed for Bushkill Falls, PA, for an unforgettable field trip recently. The students spent the day enjoying the gorgeous weather while drawing/painting Bushkill’s 100 foot waterfall and surrounding areas!

“Nature scenery provided both inspiration and serenity to focus on my art work.”  This observation by AP student Zara was obviously true for other members of the studio art class.

Elizabeth “really enjoyed the waterfalls. It gave me a sense of drawing from real life.  Although it was difficult to capture all the colors in such a short period of time, I am glad to have been given this experience.  Every AP art student in the future should be given this eye-opening opportunity.”

Bianca “really liked being able to draw from a moving image — an important skill to learn.” She found the  setting was calming and colors were more vibrant than a picture, which allowed more emotion to be expressed in the colors.

Brigel found this assignment “a challenge to work under pressure and in a certain environment,” in addition to the new experience of drawing a moving image.

Since nature was not in the aspect of a still life,   Emma and many students revealed that the practice of drawing from real life challenged their abilities in a good way.  All agreed that this field trip should be part of every AP student’s course.

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