Remote learning took a new twist this past week in Howard Beach as two schools’ administrators, teachers and staff took time out to see their students and show their love for them, all while practicing social distancing.

First on Thursday, March 26, the crew from PS/MS 146, The Howard Beach School, gathered at noon by the school, then proceeded with a car parade around the old side of Howard Beach. As each car passed horns were honked, teachers and staff rolled down their windows and waved and yelled hello to all the families gathered at their respective houses. Principal Mary Keegan waved to everyone through her sunroof.

PS/MS 207, The Rockwood Park School, held its teacher parade on Monday, March 30 at 10:30 a.m., similarly lighting up faces all over the new side of Howard Beach with a line of cars stretching for blocks. Students made signs, above, to show their teachers how much they care. Teacher Kristen Lorento displayed a powerful sign on the side of her car as she drove through Rockwood Park. Prinicipal Eilleen Davies is shown waving from the school playground as the parade rolled on by.

Both schools brought out their mascots as well, as the 146 Blue Hawk, Howie B., rode in the back of a pickup truck and the 207 Bulldog, stretched to get some air out of a sunroof.

The events marked the first time in memory that tons of car honks in South Queens gave the neighborhood a sense of community and fulfillment, as the families and the teachers try to see each other in this new normal we live in today.

Gregg Cohen

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