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High honors for 102nd Pct.

Posted: Thursday, June 13, 2019 10:30 am

The 102nd Precinct in Richmond Hill has had a tough year — losing a detective who’d served his entire career there, Brian Simonsen, in a line-of-duty shooting last February.

Now, the good news: tThe precinct and its detective squad were awarded a prestigious unit citation last week by the NYPD for slashing major crime by nearly 13 percent, second highest in the entire city.

The Anti-Crime and Field Intelligence units seized nearly $1 million in illegal assets, including 57 guns, while the Detective Squad made nearly 595 arrests.

The 102nd is the only precinct in Queens to receive a unit citation this year.

Showing off the award here is Deputy Inspector Courtney Nilan, center, with Commissioner James O’Neill, second from left, and the precinct’s executive officers.

— Michael Shain