The new year is off to a rocky start for the 102nd Precinct.

The first 102nd Precinct Community Council meeting of the year was cut short on Tuesday night when a hacker Zoom bombed it, taking over the screen to share pornographic images with all its participants and forcing the precinct to cut it short.

The meeting came after a troubling week for the precinct, which contained the first shooting of the year at the Umbrella Hotel in Kew Gardens. An hour after midnight on New Year’s Day, a triple shooting left a 20-year-old man dead and two other men injured.

“Just an awful situation,” said Precinct Captain Antonio Fidacaro, who described the NYPD’s efforts to track down four suspects in the incident.

Fidacaro clarified that people are still residing and renting rooms in the hotel, which was the scene of a shooting over the summer and slapped with 13 violations from the city in late November following a joint investigation by agencies including the NYPD, FDNY and the Department of Buildings

Fidacaro also described commercial burglaries, grand larceny, phone scams and credit card scams as some of the other crimes in which he had seen a noticeable jump recently.

“What’s very, very concerning are these commercial burglaries that have seen an uptick since the pandemic started last March,” he said.

Fidacaro described a trend in which thieves have targeted cell phone stores to break into, grabbing as many phones and tablets as possible.

Compstat shows one instance of burglary and five instances of grand larceny in the 102nd Precinct for the period from Dec. 28 to Jan. 3.

After Ficardo ended his speech and opened the meeting to questions from community members and comments from newly installed Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar (D-Woodhaven), the Zoom bomber interrupted the meeting, and eventually forced the precinct to shut it down.

Participants were prevented from rejoining the meeting after it was shut down.

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