Primary day is just around the corner and there are dozens of candidates running across numerous races for Queens offices.

There will also be a handful of judicial races on the June ballot.

Polling places will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on June 22. To find your polling site visit or call 1 (866) Vote-NYC (868-3692). Voters can also email their complete home address, as well as the name of their borough in the subject line, to and the Board of Elections will email the correct polling location back.

Early voting is available between June 12 and June 20. To find an Early Voting poll site, visit Voting.NYC or call 1 (866) Vote-NYC.

All registered voters have the option to vote by mail by requesting an absentee ballot by June 15. Those who choose that method can mark the reason as “Temporary illness or disability,” which includes the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Ballots must be postmarked on or before June 22.

To check if you’re registered to vote, visit or call 1 (866) 868-3692.

All races will utilize ranked-choice voting.

Here are the candidates for the upcoming primaries in Queens.

Borough president

Incumbent Donovan Richards, who won the special election last November, will face Elizabeth Crowley, Danniel Maio, Stan Morse, Diana Sanchez, Jimmy Van Bramer and Thomas Zmich.

City Council District 19

There will be two primaries to replace City Councilmember Paul Vallone (D-Bayside). Democrats Tony Avella, Adriana Aviles, Nabaraj KC, Richard Lee, Austin Shafran and Francis Spangenberg will face off. John-Alexander Sakelos will face off Vickie Paladino on the Republican line and will battle Dawn Anatra on the Conservative ballot.

City Council District 20

City Councilmember Peter Koo (D-Flushing) is term-limited. Hailing Chen, John Choe, Ming-Kang Low, Anthony Miranda, Sandra Ung, Neng Wang, Dao Yin and Ellen Young are the Democrats seeking to replace him. Yu-Ching Pai is the lone Republican candidate and will automatically advance to the November general election.

City Council District 21

Incumbent Francisco Moya (D-Corona) is running for a second consecutive term, but he is facing several challengers hoping to fill the seat: David Aiken, Ingrid Gomez, George Onuorah and Talea Wufka.

City Council District 23

Though he isn’t term-limited, incumbent Barry Grodenchik announced last October that he would not seek re-election, stating that the all-encompassing job was taking a toll on his personal and family life. But plenty of hopefuls are ready to replace him. Steve Behar, Sanjeev Jindal, Jaslin Kaur, Linda Lee, Debra Markell, Koshy Thomas and Harpreet Toor will battle on the Democratic ballot, while Alex Amoroso and James Reilly will face off on the Republican.

City Council District 24

Incumbent James Gennaro (D-Hillcrest) won the February special election and is vying for another term at the helm. Democrats Moumita Ahmed, Saifur Khan, Angelo King and Mohammad Uddin hope to stand in the way. Running on the conservative line unchallenged is Mujib Rahman, who will advance to the general election.

City Council District 25

City Councilmember Danny Dromm is headed out of office, while Democrats Fatima Baryab, Yi Chen, Shekar Krishnan, Liliana Melo, Manuel Perez, Alfonso Quiroz, Rajesh Ranot, William Salgado and Carolyn Tran are competing for the chance to replace him. The winner will face Independent Suraj Jaswal in November.

City Council District 26

The race to represent District 26 is the largest in Queens. Seventeen candidates are on the ballot to replace Van Bramer, who is trying his hand for borough president: Franz Aliquo, Amit Bagga, Jonathan Bailey, Lorenzo Brea, Julia Forman, Glennis Gomez, Denise Keehan-Smith, Badrun Khan, Heajin Kim, Jesse Laymon, Sultan Maruf, Brent O’Leary, Steven Raga, Emily Sharpe, Julie Won and Ebony Young. Marvin Jeffcoat is the lone Republican.

City Council District 27

The District 27 race for City Councilmember Daneek Miller’s (D-St. Albans) seat is also pretty packed. Marie Adam-Ovide, Kerryanne Burke, Jason Myles Clark, Leroy Gadsden, Linda Guillebeaux, Rene Hill, James Johnson, Al-Hassan Kanu, Harold Miller, Anthony Rivers, Jermaine Sean Smith and Nantasha Williams will appear on the Democratic ticket.

City Council District 28

Incumbent Adrienne Adams has only a few competitors in her re-election bid. Japneet Singh and Ruben Wills will challenge her in the Democratic primary, while Republican Ivan Mossop Jr. will take on the winner in the general election.

City Council District 29

In the race for term-limited City Councilmember Karen Koslowitz’s (D-Forest Hills) seat are Democrats David Aronov, Avi Cyperstein, Sheryl Fetik, Aleda Gagarin, Eliseo Labayen, Lynn Schulman, Douglas Shapiro, Edwin Wong and Donghui Zang. Conservative Republican Michael Conigliaro will be in the general election.

City Council District 30

In the tiniest race of the borough, Democrat Juan Ardila takes on incumbent Bob Holden, and Republican John Spataro will appear on the general election ballot.

City Council District 31

Incumbent Selvena Brooks-Powers won the special election for the seat in March, but Democratic challengers Nicole Lee, Nancy Martinez and Terrell Miller hope to beat her out ahead of the general election race against Republican Vanessa Simon.

City Council District 32

The only Queens Republican City Councilmember Eric Ulrich (D-Ozone Park) is leaving office next year and Republicans Joann Ariola and Steven Sirgiovanni will battle to carry on his legacy. Kaled Alamarie, Bella Matias, Michael Scala, Helal Sheikh and Felicia Singh are running to put a Democrat in the seat.

City Council District 34

Though the district mostly contains Brooklyn neighborhoods, it does bleed into Ridgewood. With Antonio Reynoso running for Brooklyn borough president, Democrats Terrell Finner, Lutchi Gayot, Jennifer Gutierrez, Danny Marin, Andy Marte and Scott Murphy are running for his seat.


The list to succeed Mayor de Blaso features Democrats Eric Adams, Art Chang, Shaun Donovan, Aaron Foldenauer, Kathryn Garcia, Raymond McGuire, Dianne Morales, Paperboy Love Prince, Scott Stringer, Joycelyn Taylor, Maya Wiley, Isaac Wright Jr. and Andrew Yang, as well as Republicans Fernando Mateo and Curtis Sliwa.


While Stringer is trying to make the jump from comptroller to mayor, Democrats Brian Benjamin, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Zachary Iscol, Corey Johnson, Brad Lander, Terri Liftin, Chris McNickle, Alex Pan, Kevin Parker, Reshma Patel and David Weprin are vying to take his spot. Daby Carreras and Paul Rodriguez will also face off in a Republican primary.

Public advocate

Incumbent Jumaane Williams faces Theo Chino in the Democratic primary. The winner will battle Independent Anthony Herbert and Republican Devi Nampiaparampil in November.


This story has been updated to remove two candidates from District 32 who have terminated their campaigns.


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