Violent crime rises in Queens in 2020 1

Queens had many of the same crime problems that the city experienced in 2020, though its increase in murders was far lower than the 41 percent citywide total.

Crime trends in Queens for 2020 correlated closely with those in the city as a whole in a few categories but varied widely in others, according to statistics compiled from the NYPD’s CompStat pages.

The statistics used are through Dec. 27 with the exception of Queens murders, which are through Dec. 31. The NYPD was expected to release official end-of-year-numbers some time this week.

In Queens, major, or so-called index, crimes were up approximately 5 percent while crime in the city as a whole was down just under 1 percent.

Queens saw 75 murders in 2020 as opposed to 69 last year. The total includes the shooting death of Queens Village resident Sean Vance, 26, on Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica just before 7:30 on New Year’s Eve, what for now is the last classified homicide in the city for the year.

But the numbers pale beside the 41 percent increase in the city as a whole. The Daily News reported there were 462 murders, as opposed to 319 in 2019, saying shootings were at their worst level in 14 years.

The sharpest increase in homicides in Queens was in the 101st Precinct in the Rockaways, which went from two in 2019 to 10. The largest drop came in the 113th Precinct in South Jamaica, where killings dropped from 15 to eight. Three precincts in Queens recorded zero murders, including the 112th, based in Forest Hills, which also had none in 2019. The 104th Precinct in Ridgewood fell from four to zero and the 107th in Flushing fell from two to zero.

The 106th Precinct in Ozone Park also saw a drop from five to three. The 102nd Precinct in Richmond Hill (five), 105th in Queens Village (eight), 108th in Long Island City (two), 109th in Flushing (three), 111th in Bayside (one) and 115th in Jackson Heights (11) all were level from a year ago.

Shooting incidents in the borough rose from 125 to 236. Shooting victims nearly doubled from 148 to 211.

A number of index crimes saw major dropoffs in the borough. Rapes fell from 342 to 305. Grand larcenies dropped from 7,901 to 7,227. Robberies, which ticked down slightly throughout the city, increased slightly in Queens, from 2,469 to 2,496. Felony assaults rose slightly from 4,168 to 4,186.

Auto theft skyrocketed in the borough, rising from 1,514 in 2019 to 2,457. Burglaries also were up significantly in Queens, rising from 2,418 to 3,182.

As of Dec. 27, the city recorded 1,855 shooting victims for the year, a staggering 103 percent increase. Shooting incidents were up 97.4 percent to 1,518.

Rapes in the city were down 19.4 percent and grand larcenies down by 18.5 percent. But the increase in burglaries in Queens mirrored the trend citywide, as incidents rose 41.4 percent. Car thefts jumped 66.9 percent from 5,351 to 8,931.


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Should mention that these numbers happened during a NINE month lockdown.

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