A spokeswoman for the United States Postal Service retracted a statement she made to the Queens Chronicle last week on whether all 1,140 people employed at the agency’s Whitestone plant will be kept on once it closes.

The spokeswoman, Darleen Reid, puts it differently, claiming that Chronicle Assistant Editor AnnMarie Costella misquoted her when she reported that Reid said she could “guarantee” no one would be fired as a result of the facility’s planned closure.

Costella stands by the quote, noting that she asked Reid the same question twice to make sure she understood her correctly. But Reid insists she said she could not guarantee that no one would be fired.

What is not disputed is that most of the jobs will be eliminated. The workers may apply for new positions, the USPS says, but that does not mean that all will get one. Someone might, for example, not have the physical ability to do the job he is seeking.

Reid also said the Postal Regulatory Commission had six months to answer the Postal Service’s request for an opinion on its plans, but a PRC official said this week that there is no such time limit. The USPS can act 90 days after making its request, whether it got an answer or not, though that doesn’t mean it will in this case.

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