Last week, The Mary Louis Academy sent an email to its entire alumnae contact list warning that its incoming and outgoing correspondence seems to disappear when sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

But when the Chronicle asked where the issue is stemming from, a postal spokesperson denied the shortcomings, claiming, “There are no overarching mail or service delays associated with Jamaica Main Post Office or throughout the district. Mail continues to travel in and out of the facility daily.”

The spokesperson told the Chronicle that USPS had not received any “formal inquiries” associated with the 176-21 Wexford Terrace address.

TMLA, however, told its alumnae it had filed a formal complaint with the federal agency after discovering donations sent to the school between July and February never arrived.

“TMLA has been experiencing significant issues with mail delivery via the USPS,” Principal Ann O’Hagan-Cordes wrote April 20.

According to the school, the USPS advised alumae who hadn’t received TMLA correspondence to notify their local Post Office — the high school said its outgoing mail, namely thank-you cards to those who made donations to the institution, hadn’t arrived at their destinations, either.

Because mail delivery has been so unreliable, TMLA has opted for email correspondence in addition to physical letters — scanned versions of the school’s thank-you cards will be sent virtually to donors in case the latter never arrives.

The USPS spokesperson noted that customers can sign up for its Informed Delivery program, which shows black-and-white images of the mail they expect to receive via email. Customers can also report missing mail through online resources, such as its Postal Inspection Service.

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