Two branches still under renovation 1

The Glendale and Middle Village branches of the Queens Library are closed for renovations. The Maspeth Library will remain open for now, though improvements are being looked into. No repairs are scheduled for the Ridgewood Library. Above is the temporary Glendale location at The Shops at Atlas Park.

Concern recently was raised that all four libraries in the mid-Queens area might be closed for renovations at the same time, but that won’t be the case, according to Queens Library spokeswoman Lisi de Bourbon.

The Glendale branch at 78-60 73 Place has been closed since April 2018 in order to make the exterior and interior of the building more handicap-accessible and aesthetically pleasing. In May 2018, the library opened a temporary storefront within The Shops at Atlas Park, 10 blocks northeast of the library.

There was a late 2019 date for Glendale work to be finished but the construction will continue into next year.

“It is difficult at this point [to determine] when Glendale will re-open to the public,” de Bourbon said in an email.

The Department of Design and Construction is awaiting an updated construction schedule from the contractor. The city’s Office of Management and Budget has yet to approve the QPL’s request to cover the cost of furniture and technology.

Crystal Wolfe, president of the Friends of the Maspeth Library, told the Chronicle the Glendale branch was on track to open sometime from January to March, according to information she received at the Community Board 5 Committee on Libraries meeting.

The storefront location at the Atlas Park mall will close once the Glendale branch reopens.

According to the library, the temporary location was used by 69,411 people and the space held more than 300 programs attended by more than 2,000 children from its opening through April 2019.

The Middle Village branch at 72-31 Metropolitan Ave. is closed for the installation of a new heating and cooling system and is expected to reopen early next year.

Councilman Bob Holden (D-Middle Village) dislikes the site where it’s located.

“A lot of people don’t even know it’s there,” Holden said.

A representative from the Friends of Ridgewood Library joked that the people from the cemetery go there.

The Maspeth Library has several needs, which is why it won’t close right away. The branch needs a new roof but will be kept open until capital funding is allocated to pay for interior renovations and the installation of a new HVAC system.

“Ideally, we would like all three projects to be done at the same time to minimize disruptions to our customers,” de Bourbon said.

No repairs are scheduled for the Ridgewood branch though there have been complaints about a leaking roof. The Friends of Ridgewood Library could not be reached

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