Supplies may run short due to virus 1

The Ridgewood Walk In Go Health Urgent Care facility at 55-05 Myrtle Ave. has seen an increase in foot traffic as it will test for the coronavirus with a doctor’s prescription.

Personal protective equipment and other supplies are running low in hospitals across Queens as the county surpases 4,600 COVID-19 cases as of this writing. Preciously needed items such as N-95 masks, disposable nitrile gloves, disposable lab coats and bottles of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol are being asked for by local hospitals.

Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio have made a public call to New Yorkers about the critical need for PPEs in anticipation of a shortage emerging from the fast-developing COVID-19 pandemic.

Civic groups across Queens haven taken up the cause to help collect and donate the desperately needed gloves and masks, such as the Ozone Park Residents Block Association.

At local Urgent Cares, the situation is not so dire as of yet. Local facilities have reported that their stock is supplied but that is dwindling.

“We are kinda alright with gloves and masks but we really need the gowns,” said one associate at the Ridgewood Walk In Go Health Urgent Care at 55-05 Myrtle Ave. The facility does test for coronavirus but those tests are sent out and a several-day waiting period is neccessary because it is not done on-site.

The Urgent Cares have seen a slight uptick in persons coming in.

“We usually have around 100 people a day but today we had around 130. I think people are just scared,” said an associate at ModernMD Urgent Care in Ozone Park.

Places like Queens College have taken up collections. Within hours after the mayor’s call went out, professors, faculty and college lab technicians stepped up and scoured their teaching labs for materials that could be of immediate use by the city’s medical professionals and other frontline workers.

“A simply brilliant and swift move by the Queens College community,” said Interim Borough President Lee in a release. “In a crisis, every minute counts, and frontline workers have been working around the clock to stem the tide. Thank you, Queens College, for stepping up with such haste and compassion, and for this immediate assist. We hope this inspires similar actions throughout Queens. Against COVID-19, every effort helps bend the curve and will save precious lives. We can make a bigger impact against the curve if we act together and act now.”

The count of materials requested by the governor needed so far includes 339,760 masks; 353,500 pairs of gloves; 145,122 gowns and 197,085 face shields.

“I am deeply proud of the Queens College faculty and staff of our School of Mathematics and Sciences, including the Biology Department, the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the Department of Family, Nutrition, and Exercise. Together they quickly heeded the calls of Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and CUNY Chancellor Matos by collecting and donating gloves, lab coats, respirators, and disinfectant solutions to assist the City’s health care workers,” said Interim Queens College President William Tramontano.

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