Ron Jeremy and his tree both stand trial 1

Last year, adult film star Ron Jeremy called for the Parks Department to cease plans to cut down his childhood tree. Today it still stands, but plans to take it down haven’t changed.

Last May, adult film star Ron Jeremy caused a social media uproar over the condemnation of his favorite childhood tree in Bayside. He begged his followers to stand with him and ask the city Parks Department to free the 68-year-old Norway maple from its death sentence.

One year later, the tree is still standing where he grew up at 61-24 Bell Blvd., but Jeremy is the one in need of rescuing. He’s been behind Los Angeles bars since October in lieu of $6.6 million bail. He was charged with 35 criminal counts of rape, assault and more and is expected to stand trial in August. If convicted, he could face up to 330 years in prison, according to the L.A. District Attorney’s Office.

The tree wasn’t saved by Jeremy’s activism, however. A Parks spokesperson said its foresters are waiting for Con Edison to detangle the tree’s branches from the high voltage power lines.

“This tree has not been removed yet due to its close proximity to electrical conductors. Once Con Edison provides clearance, we will remove it,” the spokesperson said.

A Con Edison representative told the Chronicle it had received a work order from Parks, and will coordinate with the agency in the coming weeks “to ensure the tree is removed safely and without impact to our electric system or our customers.”

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For the stories sake why does this tree need to be removed? I say leave the Ron Jeremy tree right where it is... Let it live let it stay....

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