• September 15, 2019
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Queens Chronicle

'Remembrance Day' for 9/11 in schools is now law

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  • Buster57 posted at 5:53 pm on Wed, Sep 11, 2019.

    Buster57 Posts: 79

    1) Better late than never. Very overdo but definitely a worthwhile thing to do.

    2) I did not see/hear this happen in the NYC school where I work! Wish I had seen this sooner, I would have said something to the principal.

  • Linnster posted at 7:56 pm on Mon, Sep 9, 2019.

    Linnster Posts: 10

    This is a little late in coming don't you think? It's been 18 years and NOW they're commemorating the date?

  • stan chaz posted at 6:41 pm on Mon, Sep 9, 2019.

    stan chaz Posts: 33

    This is fitting and proper and overdue, so that future generations will continue to commemorate & remember the spirit of sacrifice and bravery of all the responders of 9/11.

    It’s a LIVING memorial that compliments the many memorials of stone & concrete set up in their name, and in their honor.

    However I must also note that we have a clueless President who had actually planned to bring the Taliban to American soil at Camp David- THE TALIBAN - a mere DAYS before the 9/11 anniversary! God, if Obama had tried to pull the same stunt they would have crucified him.And while Trump claims to love the military he illegally & unconstitutionally steals crucial funds from the military to try to fund his politically motivated border wall - the same wall that Mexico was supposed to have paid for (just like WE’RE paying for his tariff tantrums).Trump loves expensive military parades, just like his bloody dictator friends, but when it comes to military families he screws them, just as he did with the brave legacy of John McCain, and just as he’s doing now to mixed-status families of military servicemen trying to become full-fledged Americans. The NERVE of this excuse for a President, with his priviledged rich-man’s retractable bone spurs. He’s a shameless President who embraces & aids & defends our sworn enemies while gutless conservative Republicans stay silent - in exchange for a few pieces of tax-cut gold bribes to keep them quiet.

    Enough! Taliban Trump should go & shack up with his best bro Putin, instead of doing further damage to America, Americans, and American values. We need and deserve brave heroes and leaders and role models like the responders of 9/11, not self-serving con-men like Trump.

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