Q train gets an A from Straphangers 1

Q train passengers were riding in style in 2012, according to the annual subway report card issued Wednesday by the Straphangers Campaign. The Q had the highest rating of 19 lines graded.

An annual study conducted by the Straphangers Campaign has tapped the Q subway line as the best in New York City in terms of performance, reliability and cleanliness.

The Q, which runs from Astoria-Ditmars Avenue to Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue, was one of 19 subway lines on the 15th annual report card issued by the Straphangers, a branch of the New York Public Interest Research Group.

The report card uses data in six areas of performance taken directly from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The categories include breakdowns; cleanliness; chance of getting a seat; the amount of scheduled service, the regularity of service, and the number and quality of announcements.

Using its MetroCard rating system, with $2.25 as the best, Q line service was scored at $1.60, while the C train, which operates between Brooklyn and Northern Manhattan came in at 85 cents.

This year marks the fourth straight year that the C has been at the back of the pack, and the fifth year in the last six.

“The subways are a story of winners and losers,” said Gene Russianoff, spokesman for the Straphangers Campaign. “Riders on the best line — the Q — have much more reliable cars, frequent service, subway car cleanliness and car announcements than riders on the worst line, the C. Sharp disparities among subway lines can be seen throughout the system.”

Last year’s top line, the J/Z, finished tied for second this year at $1.55 with the 7 train.

The J/Z runs between Jamaica Center-Parsons Boulevard-Archer Avenue and Broad Street in Southern Manhattan. The 7 goes from Flushing-Main Street to Times Square.

Among other lines serving Queens, the E and F trains, which originate in Jamaica, tied for seventh place in the survey at $1.40. The M came in ninth at $1.25, while the R and the N tied for 10th place at $1.20.

The only Queens line in the survey not to make the top 10 was the A, which serves Ozone Park and the Rockaways, and was tied for third worst at $1.15.

The G line, which runs between Court Square in Long Island City and Church Street in Brooklyn was not included on the final list because of a lack of reliable statistics.

Systemwide, the report card cited a slight improvement over 2011 in the number of cars that break down, and in the clarity and accuracy of announcements.

But it also found only 90 percent of the cars to be clean, as opposed to 94 percent last year. Ratings for understandable announcements increased from 87 percent to 90 percent.

The J /Z line had the greatest regularity of service, while the 5 line was the worst.

The Q and 4 lines were the only two rated perfect for the adequacy of announcements. The 7 train, on the other hand, had the worst rating, with riders missing announcements 29 percent of the time.

The 6 line, running between lower Manhattan and the Bronx, had the most scheduled service with intervals of less than three minutes between trains during morning and evening rush hours.

The lowly C ranked last, with nine- to 10-minute intervals between trains through out the day.

The entire Straphangers report card can be viewed online at straphangers.org/statesub12.

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