The manager of the McDonald’s on Cross Bay Boulevard, Carlos Roldan, flanked by two corporate representatives, attended the Howard Beach Lindenwood Civic Association meeting on Tuesday night to make an impassioned plea to Capt. Jerome Bacchi of the 106th Precinct to help him deal with the crowds of kids that often overtake his fast-food location.

One of his staff members has had food thrown at her and has threatened to quit because she does not feel safe.

Neighbors who share a fence with the parking lot of the fast-food restaurant attended as well. They have come to know Roldan personally as they have complained to him about the shenanigans. One neighbor constantly finds garbage floating in her pool and another shared a story about how her family was enjoying time together in the yard when a sugary red drink was launched over the fence, drenching them and the lawn furniture.

Some neighbors spoke of hearing a woman being attacked early in the morning behind the location but Bacchi, the precinct commander, said no 911 call was ever made.

He committed to setting up a meeting with his neighborhood coordination officers and the McDonald’s team to address the situation.

Other issues brought up to the captain included the recent shooting that left one man dead outside of a catering hall off of Cross Bay Boulevard in Ozone Park. An attendee asked if anything was being done to address the illegal nightclubs operating out of such locations and Bacchi stated that their liquor had been seized in the past. The State Liquor Authority and the Department of Buildings have been involved in addressing issues at that location and Bacchi said the precinct is doing what it can to make sure such places do not reopen and that it is constantly looking at places like that.

Bacchi also warned of multiple incidents of card readers and cameras being used on the ATM at the Capital One on Cross Bay Boulevard.

He also stated that the identity of a suspect being sought for a recent sexual assault on a woman near the Conduit is known and that he is believed to live in the area and committed a second assault, too.