Illegal gun arsenal found in Richmond Hill 1

A Richmond Hill man was charged with criminal firearm possession for allegedly having these and other parts.

A Richmond Hill man faces up to 20 years in prison for allegedly hauling an illegal weapons cache over state lines from a Pennsylvania gun show.

Richard McCormick, 42, was charged by Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz with criminal possession of a weapon and other crimes in a 117-count criminal complaint last Tuesday.

The DA reported that the man purchased a bounty of high-capacity magazines, firearm components and ammunition — some of which are illegal in New York City — at a gun show in Pennsylvania and crossed back over into the Big Apple.

Following a stop on the George Washington Bridge where police allegedly found McCormick’s spoils from the gun show, they then raided his Richmond Hill home and recovered a stockpile of more illegal guns, high-capacity magazines, silencers and ammunition, the DA’s Office said.

“The scourge of illegal guns in our City has caused bloodshed and heartache. This defendant is accused of taking advantage of the easy access to guns outside of our state in order to bring them into our communities,” Katz wrote in a statement.

According to the charges, McCormick was observed at the Oaks Gun Show in Pennsylvania on Aug. 15. After he crossed the George Washington Bridge into New York City, he was pulled over by members of the Port Authority Police Department, who allegedly seized 44 high-capacity magazines, an upper slide and barrel for a 9 mm pistol, a trigger assembly, 15 rounds of 12-gauge slug ammunition, 1,000 rounds of 7.62 rifle ammunition, a hook knife and switchblade, 15 rounds of 12-gauge buckshot ammunition and 100 rounds of 9 mm ammunition.

During the stop, the DA said, the defendant “told police in sum and substance that everything in the car was his. He was bringing it home and he lives in Queens.”

Police then executed a court-authorized warrant to search McCormick’s home and seized $8,500 in cash and more weapons and ammunition they allegedly found in his residence including a package containing all parts needed to assemble a 9 mm SCCY pistol, parts needed to assemble a polymer80 .45-caliber ACP pistol, the parts to assemble a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol, five high-capacity magazines capable of holding in excess of 10 rounds, four firearm silencers, a set of brass knuckles, two switchblades, three finished upper receivers for pistols and 9,991 bullets for various calibers of weapons, including 9 mm and .45-caliber firearms.

The city’s gun laws make it a misdemeanor for a person who is authorized to possess a pistol or revolver to have any other pistol or revolver bullets that are not for the firearm he or she is permitted to maintain. It is also unlawful to knowingly possess an ammunition-feeding device where the device contains more than seven rounds of ammunition.

The defendant is charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the second, third and fourth degrees; criminal possession of a firearm; make-transport-dispose-deface weapons and dangerous instruments and unlawful possession of pistol or revolver ammunition. If convicted, McCormick faces up to 20 years in prison.

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