How to snag a vax: for those 30 and older 1

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers became vaccine-eligible Tuesday.

Since all New Yorkers ages 30 and older became eligible for the Covid vaccine as of Tuesday, the race to book an appointment just got even more intense.

As older millennials took to social media to either bemoan their frustrations or celebrate their successes, one point of consensus is that refreshing the screen often is key.

That’s how you land a Covid vaccine appointment online, whether you’re getting one through, the city’s site, or, the one created by software engineer Huge Ma and operated by a Twitter bot that scans government web pages for information.

Appointments come and go within minutes. Open, and keep refreshing the page to check if new appointments have opened. But as some observers have noted, sometimes it’s necessary to try at different times in the day to help get new appointments to appear.

The Turbovax account advised those having trouble locking down an appointment to be patient on Tuesday.

“NYC (via vax4nyc or H+H sites) releases appts on a cadence but generally in the afternoons/evenings,” it tweeted.

Those who are not online can call 1 (877) VAX-4NYC (829-4692) to sign up.

Beyond that expansion, Cuomo set a vaccine eligibility timeline for everyone 16 and over as well, who will be able to get shots starting April 6. The rules on eligibility are posted online at

Peter C. Mastrosimone contributed to this story.

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