Have you seen this man’s biological dad? 1

Adam Maiello is looking for his biological father and believes there’s a good chance he could be somewhere in the Woodhaven-Jamaica area. Maiello, who lives in Washington State, has started an internet search for him.

For the 35 years Adam Maiello has been alive, he has not known his biological father.

Now, the Washington State man has taken to social media in an attempt to find him or any information about who he may be — and according to Maiello, his father could be somewhere in Queens.

“I’ve wanted to know for a long time,” Maiello said in a telephone interview with the Queens Chronicle.

Maiello said he was born at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in April of 1980 and lived with his mother in Ozone Park and Flushing before moving to Pennsylvania with his stepfather early in his life.

Curious as to who his biological father was, Maiello would frequently ask his mother for a name.

“Sometimes she would say it was Joe and then it was Frank,” Maiello said. “I’ve gotten a lot of different names.”

But the story she told her son about his biological father remained constant.

“She said he was in an electrical accident and I guess he suffered brain damage,” he told the Chronicle. “He told her he couldn’t take care of us.”

Although he’s always wondered who his biological father is, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that he seriously started a campaign to find out information about him.

He and his wife have been using the website Ancestry.com, which tracks people’s genealogy, to pin down family members who may have some information for him.

So far the two have gotten in contact with some of Maiello’s distant relatives.

Some of them, he said, referred to his father as “a local boy” in the Woodhaven-Jamaica area.

“That’s exactly how they referred to him. As a ‘local boy,’” Maiello said.

Right now, Maiello believes he has narrowed down his search to three men, one of whom goes by “Jerry,” though his birth name is Charles.

Maiello believes there’s a strong chance “Jerry” could be his father.

“My older sister remembered seeing a picture and my mom saying ‘That’s Adam’s Jerry,’” he said.

When asked how likely he thinks it is that his internet search will result in him finding his biological father, Maiello expressed optimism.

“I think there’s a great chance,” he said. “We live in an electronic age. There has to be something out there or someone who knows something.”

Maiello said he plans on going public with his search on his Facebook page and that’s when the search will really kick off: “I feel once I go public that someone is going to know something.”

So far, he’s gotten a few responses from people and was also contacted by Ed Wendell, a Woodhaven resident and former president of the Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association, who interviewed Maiello on his weekly internet radio show.

Any people who believe they have any information, however small, on the identity of Maiello’s biological father are asked to email him at findmybiodad1980@yahoo.com.

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