Gun control bills pass in legislature 1

Sen. Michael Gianaris saw his gun control bill to establish up to 30 days for background checks approved.

A package of gun control bills passed the New York State Legislature on Tuesday.

The wide-ranging measures include requiring out-of-state applicants for gun permits to allow New York permitting authorities to review out-of-state mental health records; the prohibition of bump stocks that accelerate the rate of fire from a semiautomatic rifle; and preventing K-12 schools from authorizing anyone other than a security officer, school resource officer or law enforcement officer to carry a firearm on school grounds.

Bump stocks were recently banned by the federal government.

State Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria) introduced a bill to establish an extension of time up to 30 days for background checks, which was also passed.

“Common sense gun safety reform will save lives, period,” he said in a statement. “Stronger background checks will keep guns away from dangerous people. I am proud to have written some of America’s toughest gun safety laws and to be part of the new New York Senate, which will keep our families and schools safe.”

Another piece of approved legislation allows law enforcement officials, family and household members and certain school officials to seek a court order requiring a person likely to harm themselves or others to relinquish any firearms in their possession.

“Every loss of life and injury from gun violence is a devastating reminder of our shared responsibility to get firearms out of the wrong hands,” state Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement. “Today, by strengthening our already tough gun control laws, New York has taken another step to push back on this ever-present threat. But we cannot stop with this victory, we must continue to fight against the scourge of gun violence. My office is committed to prosecuting those who continue seeking profit from the business of death and to sustaining a proactive approach that will continue taking lethal weapons off of our streets.”

Another measure that passed would create a municipal gun buyback program.

“It seems like every day we wake up to headlines of another mass shooting, another horrific gun crime,” said Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. “The madness has to stop. It is our responsibility to protect our communities, our schools, and to keep all of New Yorkers safe. Following years of inaction on common sense gun safety legislation, we are finally going to lead the way and serve as an example to the nation on smart gun laws.”

Gov. Cuomo is expected to sign the bills.


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