Fox will launch new weather app Oct. 25 1

Jason Frazer from South Ozone Park will serve as one of the morning weather co-anchors on the Fox Weather app that launches Oct. 25.

After years of delaying his dreams and then taking them elsewhere, Jason Frazer, who grew up in South Ozone Park, will co-anchor for the Fox Weather app with fellow meteorologist Amy Freeze in the Big Apple on Oct. 25.

“Growing up, I always used to watch Al Roker and a couple of the other meteorologists — Lloyd Lindsay Young on Channel 9,” said Frazer, who now lives in Long Island City. “One of the things that I was fascinated about both of those meteorologists was that they were very really good storytellers. They made you feel as though, even if you weren’t a scientist, you understood what was happening.”

Frazer’s favorite subject growing up was science, and clouds and why storms happened often captivated him.

Despite his dreams of having a career in meteorology, Frazer pursued banking after finishing his degree in political science at Columbia University (2005) and he worked at Citigroup in Sunnyside and JPMorgan Chase in Oakland Gardens.

“As the market was tanking, I was like, I really want to pursue television,” said Frazer, who also had worked as a general assignment reporter in Rochester, Ohio and Connecticut. He also worked as an investigative reporter in Massachusetts.

In 2017, Frazer pursued a broadcast meteorology certificate at Mississippi State University (2019) and received his first meteorology gig in Georgia. He later had other job opportunities in Ohio and Canada, but 13 years after initially deferring his dream job, he will now be reporting the weather in his stomping grounds of New York City.

“I finished the Mississippi State program in two years even though it is three years,” said Frazer. “Now I’m back in New York and it feels so good to be in New York and living in Queens.”

Frazer is also happy that his relocation back to New York City means that he gets to be closer to his mom, Inez.

“My mom has played a critical role in keeping me motivated to stay in this,” said Frazer. “She said, ‘Keep pushing.’”

The Fox Weather app is a free service available on iOS and Android phones, according to Fox News Media. Viewers will also be able to use the application via smart televisions at Fox Now, the Fox News app and Tubi or they can go to

The streaming service will have local, regional and national reporting, in addition to live programming, from 120 meteorologists.

“We have been working towards this moment for the last nine months and are thrilled to debut Fox Weather with our talented and innovative team,” said Fox Weather President Sharri Berg in a statement.

Frazer is enthusiastic about people trying the app.

“This is going to be the first app with a 3-D live radar,” said Frazer. “You’ll be able to see into storms and see where those storms are.”

Users will also be able to get weather estimates up to six months out.

“My favorite part about the app is that you will be able to go into it and put a date in there for a specific time,” said Frazer. “Let’s say it’s your birthday, a holiday or maybe it’s a trip, we will be able to give you updates as far as what the weather will be.”

One individual who really wanted to know the weather on her big day was Ashli Chavannes, a St. Francis Prep alum who attended the Catholic high school with Frazer, whom she asked to officiate her Oct. 10 wedding.

“I had to give her weather updates throughout the weekend as well as yesterday,” said Frazer to the Queens Chronicle on Monday. “Unfortunately, there was some mist as well as some rain in the forecast.”

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