Flushing HS principal arrested for drugs 1

Carl Hudson Jr.

Carl Hudson Jr., the principal of Flushing High School, may not have a job to return to in September, and it may not be because of Mayor Bloomberg’s high school “turnaround” plan.

Hudson, 33, was arrested on Tuesday night around 8:35 p.m. after cops allegedly found a small bag of methamphetamine in his car during a traffic stop at 141-54 Northern Blvd. near the intersection with Parsons Blvd., only one block from the campus of Flushing High School.

Police say they found the drug in the center console between the driver and passenger seats.

Hudson was arraigned on drugs charges on Wednesday and also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. A judge sentenced him to conditional discharge, meaning he will not serve any jail time and his charges will be revisited in a year as long as he stays out of trouble.

The Department of Education said Hudson, who had been principal of Flushing High School for only a little more than a year, had already been assigned to an administrative post outside the high school. As part of the high school “turnaround” plan, Flushing High School was closed and was due to reopen as the Rupert T. Thomas Academy at the Flushing Campus.

Hudson was removed as principal of the school and replaced, but an arbitrator ruled the plan violated union contracts and a judge denied the city’s request to place a restraining order on the decision, leaving the plan in legal limbo and technically opening up the possibility that principals like Hudson could keep their jobs in September.

DOE salary records show Hudson made $132,633 a year as principal.

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