New York City had lost 20,934 people to the coronavirus as of early Wednesday afternoon, according to city statistics — 16,153 confirmed cases and 4,781 probable. And now the ZIP codes in which the victims lived can be found in an interactive map posted at

Five of the 10 ZIP codes with the highest death rates are in Queens. ZIP code 11691 in Rockaway was the hardest-hit in the borough by that measure, with 443 deaths per 100,000 people. The other four were 11354, Flushing; 11369, most of East Elmhurst; and 11692 and 11694, both also in the Rockaways.

Aside from the death rate per 100,000, the available data include the actual death count, the case count, the case rate and the share of people testing positive for the virus. The information can be viewed in a map or a chart. On a desktop computer, data on the map shows up as one runs the mouse over a given community.

— Peter C. Mastrosimone

Deadliest ZIP codes for COVID-19

Number of deaths per 100,000 people

11239 (Brooklyn): 612

11691 (Queens): 443

11354 (Queens): 436

10469 (Bronx): 429

11224 (Brooklyn): 420

11369 (Queens): 420

11692 (Queens): 393

10304 (Staten Island): 356

10475 (Bronx): 354

11694 (Queens): 354


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