Coyotes killed near LaGuardia Airport 1

Coyotes, like this pair residing at the Queens Zoo, have become more and more acclimated to the urban landscape. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey this week rounded up and killed a group living near LaGuardia Airport that they said posed a hazard to workers and nearby residents.

The Port Authority this week rounded up and euthanized a family of coyotes that was living near LaGuardia Airport.

And animal rights activists, who last week offered to pay to try and remove the animals back to the wild, fear a group on Rikers Island is next.

A spokesman for the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals could not be reached, but a member of the organization did tell the Chronicle that a private individual had offered to pay for the relocation.

The Daily News quoted a spokesperson from the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation as saying that once coyotes become habituated to humans, it is not feasible to relocate them.

The Port Authority said the roundup was humane and conducted in accordance with laws governing such matters.

On its website, the DEC states that while coyotes like to avoid people, those who become accustomed to them lose their fear of humans and can become a problem.

“A coyote that does not flee from people should be considered dangerous,” according to the DEC.

Children and pets are considered especially vulnerable to an attack.

They can be attracted by food and garbage, and under no circumstances should be intentionally fed.

The DEC fact sheet says people might actually inadvertently bring on an attack by running away, which a coyote could take as the action of prey.

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