Contestant on game show wins $14,400 1

Tim Lopez is a “Jeopardy!’ contestant.

Astoria resident Tim Lopez, 42, a freelance storytelling instructor with The Moth, a nonprofit dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling, won $14,400 on the game show “Jeopardy!” on the episode that aired on June 8.

“I won, which made it even better!” Lopez told the Chronicle via email. “It was great to be able to finally share the experience with some friends and family.”

Lopez’s girlfriend and family cheered him on from an Irish pub, because the coronavirus pandemic prevented people from being in a live audience for the show, including contestants’ family members.

“It was awesome,” said Lopez. “We had a little watch party at Cronin and Phelan’s in Astoria. My niece and nephew were there and also their mom Crystal Waters and my girlfriend Sophia Paliza-Carre.”

Lopez later watched the WABC show again on FaceTime with other family members in California at 7 p.m. PT. As the winner, he was to appear again Wednesday as the Chronicle was going to press.

Before the episode aired on Tuesday, Lopez thanked the show’s crew members.

They continue to produce “Jeopardy!” under Covid-19 restrictions, but more importantly, those who work behind the scenes, the network and fans the world over were rocked by the loss of Alex Trebek, 80, who hosted the show for 37 years and died last year from colon cancer.

Lopez said of his appearance, “It was a literal dream come true and I have nothing but respect for my fellow contestants and the crew of professionals who continued to keep the show going.”


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