Co-op donates tractor to farm neighbors 1

State Sen. John Liu, center, and City Councilmember Barry Grodenchik, right, joined Glen Oaks Village Co-op board members Christine Bergen, left, Sandra Draves, Navin Vazwani and President Bob Friedrich to celebrate the tractor donation.

The Glen Oaks Village Co-op made an usual, but nonetheless generous donation to the Queens County Farm Museum last week: a tractor.

The largest garden cooperative residential housing development in the borough officially bestowed the machinery to the Queens Farm Oct. 1.

“We always look at them as being a large resource,” said President Bob Friedrich. “I tell my residents it’s the only place in New York City where you can see goats, chickens and steer from your window. You really can’t see that anywhere else. It’s a great place ... That being said, we’re big fans of the farm.”

Friedrich said the board of directors unanimously voted to donate the tractor rather than sell it. The machine is estimated to be worth $20,000, but Friedrich said the value would be worth much more to the farm, who would use it every day.

The directors placed a tiny plaque on the green tractor denoting the donation and the year, and rolled it across the street to the Queens Farm.

But why did a city apartment complex have a tractor?

“We thought it would work well with snow removal and heavier tasks, but it’s really an agricultural tractor that works better with hay,” Friedrich explained. “We have a lot of machinery here that does all that, so rather than have it sitting around, we felt the farm could use it.”

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